What You Get: Strategy & Structure

We think building great companies is both simple and difficult.

Simple, in that there are some basic steps you can take to find the right product and market quickly. Difficult, in that to do so you need to set aside your ego and listen to the cold, hard realities of a sometimes indifferent market.

All new ventures need to go through three stages:

  • Validate a product/market hypothesis
  • Build a minimum viable product
  • Demonstrate they can achieve scale or revenue

We work closely with our startups to identify the right product and market, and to validate it quickly, adapting the company to what we learn. Then we help you build the most basic product that will satisfy the needs we’ve uncovered. Finally, we pivot on that initial offering until we find the growth and revenue we’re after.

Other stuff you get:

  • $50k, issued in tranches based on milestones
  • Four partners who will work alongside you and your team
  • An international network of mentors
  • Direct access to Angel investors and VCs, both 1-on-1 and during our Demo Day events
  • Free rent, Internet, coffee etc. in the Year One Labs space

In exchange, Year One Labs takes a minority stake in your startup, typically around 20% under standard Series Seed terms.